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Last updated: 21st January 2015

It is with much sadness
that we have to advise
that Pete Fyfe passed
away  in 2015.

Recollections of friends.........



LETTER FROM KATH GRABHAM (15th December 2012)


Thinking back over the years to the very first time we (Dave & Kath Grabham) met you and Garry in Woodchurch, at the Stonebridge Inn, we had no idea then how often we would see you in the future and how you would sprinkle a little ‘magic dust’ over our lives and give us some wonderful memories of places and events we’ve shared!


Do you remember the two females who were running the Stonebridge then? There was Mary from Ireland and I don’t remember the blonde, glamorous one’s name. What a dangerously volatile couple of women! You wouldn’t want to get in between them when they were fighting! We so enjoyed your music and it was such a surprise as we had no idea what kind of music you played.


You gave us the opportunity to dance, sing and play in some amazing places and we often share our memories of Dave and the Morris Men (Woodchurch Morris) la-la-laing the end of the tune because the melodeon player had gone blank and Alistair Anderson saying he’d never seen it done quite like that before! Or the ‘Tall Ships’ celebration in Portsmouth and meeting Hughie Jones from The Spinners or those amazing (and long!) evenings on HMS Warrior. Or just coming to see and hear you when we could if you were playing near by and always enjoying your music and playing, so infectiously joyful to listen to.


Heather plays your music to Gwin, her little girl and she dances to it. Heather plays and sings with her own group now and owes much of her confidence and ease with crowds of people to the varied experiences we shared with you. Just thought I’d write a few memories down as it might jog your memory too and I’m better on paper than the ‘phone!


All the very best Pete…love Kath