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Last updated: 21st January 2015

It is with much sadness
that we have to advise
that Pete Fyfe passed
away  in 2015.

Jackie McAuley’s Poormouth


I believe it was around 1991 I was working as guitarist/mandolin player with Jackie McAuley's brothers (Brendan & Tony) in the London folk-rock group Schooner's Rig when Jackie approached me to play mandolin on one track of his forthcoming album.


That album was "Gael Force" and the track was "This Must Be Love, Teresa".


As I don't read music I asked Jack if he could possibly record the tune which was to be used as the 'outro' of the track so that I could learn it before I went into the studio. As Jack was also a gifted guitar player and dead handy with Celtic tune playing I thought this wouldn't be a problem. Unfortunately it never materialised so I had to enter the studio on a wing and a prayer and hope everything would go OK.

As it happens (if memory serves me right) the studio had just taken order of a slab of Italian marble which they were installing in the drum booth so I spent a lot of the time honing the tune with Jack's help while we filled in time hanging around.


After quite a lot of time spent not quite getting into the tune during rehearsals I eventually got asked to lay the track down on my trusty Stefan Sobell mandolin and it was completed in one or two takes.


My involvement on the project proved to be one of my proudest achievements and if Jack's reading this article I can really say it was an honour to be involved. Unfortunately I only worked 'live' with the band on one occasion at The Torrington in North Finchley but the pleasure I had performing alongside my musical heroes Howard Tibble, Nick (the Sax/Harmonica player) and Jack of course was immeasurable.